Meet our TEAM


Dr. Brigit Holland grew up in sunny California and attended Life West Chiropractic College in the Bay area. After a short visit to Washington, Dr. Holland fell in love with our breathtaking state and decided to make it her permanent home! Dr. Holland specializes in a technique with no twisting, cracking, popping, and is able to help people with a low impact technique.

When she is away from the office, she loves being with her family; to keep up with all of it, she makes sure to stay in alignment by getting adjusted with the same technique. 


Siobhan McComb graduated from RTC massage program in 1998 and the studied in Boulder, Colorado at the Guild for Structural Integration in 2003. She enjoys travel, food and natural wellness. fied Nutritional Therapy Practitioner that works with Thrive. He became interested in nutrition after using nutrition in his own life to deal with allergies and has, for the past 38 years, been using nutrition to help people build healthy bodies. For his clients, he utilizes online health evaluations in addition to applied kinesiology. His philosophy is that you must work at the cellular level and once the cells are healthy the body will follow. Digestion is the key to good health.


Dana, our office manager, graduated from the University of Washington with her Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2018. She enjoys cooking, fitness, and holistic health. Due to her scoliosis, Dana has enjoyed the benefits of Chiropractic Therapy for many years and remains a strong advocate of its healing capabilities. 





Ruthie has always had a passion for health and wellness. She works with our community outreach program which sets up events and talks with companies and local community programs that bring health and wellness to the office. She believes the body should have the first opportunity to heal itself before pursuing other avenues. On her time outside of work, she is a full time mommy, and is blessed with 3 children.  If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your office, please give us a call.